About Us

About Us

Stratford SEPTA was launched in October 2010 by a small group of parents with an interest in special education. We aim to bring together parents, families, and educators to share their experiences and perspectives, provide parents with information on navigating the special education system, increase the community's understanding of exceptional childrenís abilities to reach their full potential, and enrich the lives of children and their families through educational and social opportunities. We celebrate the individuality and unique abilities of all children. Our organization is for anyone who cares about a child with any kind of individual difference that poses challenges in school and beyond, including any developmental, physical, psychological, or learning disability or challenge.

Since it's inception, Stratford SEPTA has had many accomplishments, including:

-Well attended regular meetings with presentations on topics such as anxiety in young children, social thinking, strengthening parent/teacher partnerships, using data to track student progress, Parent Management Training for behavioral concerns, and technology for special needs children.

-Establishment of the Stratford SEPTA Parent Resource Library, featuring books and activities available for check-out. (See the "Resources" tab for more information).

-iPad grants to families with special needs children.

-Annual scholarships to students at Bunnell High School and Stratford High School.

-An ADA-accessible early childhood playground at Second Hill Lane Elementary School. The fully fenced playscape features a smooth surface and adaptive equipment to allow children of all abilities the opportunity to use the playground. A combination of federal funds, SEPTA fundraising, and collaboration with key town departments achieved this very important goal in our first year.